From a wide array of materials, I create textured paintings that are intended to be emotionally resonant and evocative.   I am intensely engaged with materials--hand made and oriental papers, paint, plaster, metal, wood, fabric, found objects.   Sometimes architect, I build up surfaces-- layering, adding materials, arranging space and rearranging it.   Sometimes archeologist, I dig, gauge, peel, probe, sand, and scratch my surfaces. Consequently, my visual language has a powerful physicality.

My work portrays not only the complexity of the surface itself, the dynamic interplay of form, color, and texture, but also the mysteries which lie beneath the surface, the layers of life and experience that are always present but never entirely visible.

As a psychotherapist as well as an artist, I am drawn to the creative process as a vital and liberating expression of human experience.    My work chronicles a very personal journey and, at the same time, is an integral part of that journey.   In a very real sense, this work is my voice--sometimes formless, sometimes groping, sometimes lucid, sometimes bold. The language I speak is both visual and emotional.   Simultaneously strong and fragile, the work conveys the arresting intricacy of inner life.   Its varied and multiple surfaces are meant to remind us that all the textures of our experience, all the layers of our being, are to be respected, even treasured.